Rules & Conditions

GlobalGutz is an alleycat race that starts at the same time all over the world. This means that at some places people will be raceing at noon while fellow competitors in another place will start at midnight. It’s up to the headquarter committee to fix exact time and date. For 2022 the headquarter decided to offer two timezone related heats, local organizers can choose one from: Zurich time (CET) 12pm and 12am sharp on april 9th.

Heat time zones

Local organizers decide whether they start their globalgutz alleycat in heat one or in heat two. These are the starting times for the mentioned options:

How to read this map
If you plan to organize a Globalgutz race in Mexico City (as an example): Find your time zone on this map and discover that in Mexico City you can choose between 5am local time (Option 1) and 5pm local time (Option 2 below) on saturday april 9th to start your race.
Option 1 is called Heat 1 and corresponds to 12 noon Zurich time (CET);
Option 2 will be Heat 2 and corresponds to midnight Zurich time (CET).


There must be 5 different checkpoints between start- and finishlines. Each checkpoint (CP) must be organized the way that competitors have to fully stop.
At CP 1 the participants get the information, where CP 2 is located, at CP 2, the location of CP 3 is given and so on.
We recommend to provide this informations by handing out the address of the respective next CP printed on a piece of paper. Doing so, you can serve many participants in a very short period of time to make your race fast.
No packages have to be picked up or delivered at checkpoints (local organisers are free to do so anyway).


Distance of the GlobalGutz alleycat is exactly 21 kilometers or 13.05 miles for those who find the shortest way. The course has to be as flat as possible. Participants must not know the route in advance.


GlobalGutz comes with two gender categories: Open and WTN. Open category is open to folks of all genders. WTN, which stands for «Women/Trans/Non-binary», is open to anybody but cis-men.


As fast as possible but not later than 90 minutes after the official starting time, local organisers must have transmitted their local winners in both categories (Open and WTN) to the global headquarters in Zurich, switzerland. This is absolutely mandatory. This means that a local winner who has finished GG22 as the fastet rider overall will not win the trip to the next CMWC if the respective local organizer fails to transmit this winners names, category and times within 90 minutes.
Not later than 2 hours after the start the full rankinglists have to be transmittet. Should there be still racers on the course those can be added even later. At the HQ the GG committee puts together all the local rankinglists to one global rankinglist. This global ranking list will be published as soon as possible on It’s our goal that we can present you the globalgutz overall ranking list not later than 3 hours after the race started. The earlier the better.

Awards Ceremony Livestream

An awards ceremony to declare 2022 Globalgutz winners (open and WTN) will be broadcasted with a livestream from the headquarters in Zurich as soon as the last results from heat two will be transmitted. We expect this to happen within the first two hours of sunday april 10th, like at 02:00 / 2am. Livestream from headquarters will start shortly after midnight so you all can follow us while we build up the global ranking list. So why not show this livestream at your afterrace party? Exact broadcasting times will be published at

After heat one there will also be a poleposition ceremony livestream from Zurich headquarters. Winners of each heat will be awarded with free registration to CMWC 2024 Zurich – provided that Zurich will get the worlds in 2024. Overall winners in both categories will win a trip to the next Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC).